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#1 for KIDS!
#1 for KIDS!

This year marks our 45th Annual Haunted House!!

In 1978, the ladies of the Sorosis Club came up with a fundraising idea that has grown into our Annual Haunted House. It was an instant hit for the residents in our community and they look forward to coming back every year. Many local residents have come through as children and are now sharing the experience with their own grandchildren! Catch'ems Mad Manor  will open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from Oct 19th through Oct 28th.

Each year our theme is changed to entice our audience and challenge their fears. This year's theme is inspired by a ghost story told to a local resident when he was just a boy. The ghost of cranky, old Mrs. Catchem was said to have haunted his bedroom closet. A new ghost has now joined her. Welcome to Catch'ems Mad Manor where nothing is as it seems.

Who is Ima Catchem?

The Story Behind the Name.  Many years ago, a prominent family moved here to our small town of Orange City. Prior to arriving they had a mansion built for themselves and their only surviving child, who was a beautiful young woman by the name of Ima. Shortly after moving into their new home Mr. and Mrs.’s Catchem became ill. In spite of the daughters’ best efforts both her parents passed away leaving the young woman all alone. Grief stricken and lonely, young Ima  decided to mend her broken heart by taking in orphaned children from the town, many of which were left to fend for themselves having to find work at a young age. Ima quickly with the help of her staff, was able to take them in and provide shelter. But at what cost? As was mentioned Ima was the Catchems last remaining child. Who was Ima Catchem? How did she manage to survive and what does Ima Catchem have in store for the visitors in her home? Follow us through a tour of the old manor and find out.

It will take over 60 volunteers to transform our 3,000 square foot building into “Our Wicked World” Haunted House. The monies we raise go toward charitable contributions benefiting area children and causes in our community. The Sorosis Club is well known for its haunted house and other annual events such as Lunch with Easter Bunny, Book Fair, Lunch with Santa, and Operation Santa. You will find us at the Manatee Festival, Orange City 4th of July Celebration and other local events. We are so grateful for the support of our community! So come on out to see us this October and get scared for a good cause.

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